Richmond Station

Ok, so Richmond station is situated in the middle of downtown Toronto in probably the douchiest area of the city. Close to the Bay street banker collective of 30-something year olds trading junior mining stocks for 10$ in commission, and then promptly going to spend that commission at Earls. The chef at Richmond Station is Carl Heinrich, an early 30’s reality show winner who used the prize money to open Richmond Station.

Have I scared you off yet?

If not let me just tell you, that this Richmond Station is actually fucking awesome. Especially their dinner offerings. The restaurant pairs a set, seasonal menu with a chalkboard menu of daily specials. I’ve probably gone to Richmond Station five or six times this year. It’s the only restaurant around where I live that isn’t some shitty corporate chain #cactusclubcafe.

Now to the actual food. The Station burger is quite possibly the best burger I have ever eaten (sometimes I grab one in the middle of a day on a Wednesday on my lunch break). The burger is an incredible combination of medium rare chuck, beet chutney, and and fantastic milk bun. Plus the beet chutney gives the burger a very raw complexion. It comes with a side of rosemary fries, that are typically overcooked and over-salted, and a pickle spear.

Speaking of fries… the polenta fries at Richmond Station are out of this world. Warm fried polenta rectangular prisms, with a truffle aioli and shaved parmesan. Classic Italian combination, executed to perfection. The last few times that I’ve gone, they were unfortunately no longer on the menu. Sucks.

Speaking of Tartare… I mean I guess I wasn’t speaking of tartare, but I couldn’t come up with another decent segue (not to be confused with a  segway- the weird motorized scooter things that tourists use on boardwalks). The tartare with Pommes Kennedy is another spectacular dish. I am a sucker for raw meat, and this tartare is prepared in the traditional way, and sits on top of a lightly fried triangular, potato stack. Kinda like the meat and potatoes one might get from their grandparents in the early 1990’s, but with panache.

Richmond Station is truly a rose among thorns in the cess-pool that is Toronto’s financial district. It’s also reasonably affordable.




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