Kissa Tanto

I just don’t understand. Most of the food was fantastic. The Fish Crudo, which was Tuna, was quite good- albeit a few unnecessary garnishes devoid of texture or flavour. The beet salad was, well, a beet salad. It was good- but I’ve had a beet salad from a grab and go salad section at the IGA that was comparable. The saving grace on their salad was the house made stracciatella which was perfectly creamy and made the dish. The tajarin pasta with miso cured egg yolk was absolutely phenomenal. I would go back solely for that dish. The real miss of the night was the Tonno Mantecato. It was pretty much potato on bread with a generously pungent smell of harbour. Couldn’t even find the “confit Albacore Tuna” when I examined the spread with the light on my iPhone.

But what’s worse was the service. It took them an extra 15 mins past our reservation time to be seated. Fine- it happens. I get the wine list, and order a bottle of the Orange wine from Lazio. Being a huge fan of orange wines, I was excited to see this on the menu. When I ordered, the waiter seemed almost dumbfounded as he questioned my judgement “what do you actually like about this wine?”, after I explained which flavours I enjoyed, he realized I knew what I was talking about and brought me the bottle. The wine was exactly what I was expecting, and just what I wanted. The server was quite attentive at the beginning, but as the night went on he literally disappeared. Nowhere to be seen for 45 minutes. After he removed the nearly whole dish of Tonno Mantecato from our table- he never returned. After waiting, we finally asked a separate waitress for our bill. She was prompt and courteous and apologized profusely for the disappearance of our server.
I’m not sure how this has won best new restaurant in countless magazines and editorials. It’s good food, don’t get me wrong, but we left the restaurant incredibly confused, and wanting to find a poutine somewhere on the way home to cleanse the palate.

This was cannonfooder.

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